Simply Jenny

A simple girl with a passion for bigger dreams

SweetSimplyJenny's mission is to connect with others from around the world through travel and personal experiences and help make a genuine, positive and intentional impact with others.

About The Blogger

For starters, I'm Jenny, a second generation young woman who went to university, graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree, and worked in several jobs in education and youth work. During college, I found my passion in traveling. I absolutely loved seeing the world and meeting different types of people. I was inspired to continue seeing new places, explore the more places and to continue to grow from my own comfort zone through traveling, reading self care books, journaling and self care practice. I started blogging in 2010 while in high school and absolutely enjoyed it. Now, I'm a travel and lifestyle blogger creating various content.

What's SweetSimplyJenny's content about? 

SweetSimplyJenny is a blog filled with travel and lifestyle experiences from vlogs, videos, photos and blog posts. Blog posts are either surrounding lifestyle topics from self care practice to how to's, pictures from travels, travel videos and content on how you can improve yourself. SweetSimplyJenny now offers a limited e-course to learn the English language from anywhere around the world. Read more about it here!

Why was this website launched?

This website was launched because after many years of blogging and traveling around, I realized I was called to do more in life. I want to share my love of travel, blogging and helping others. My purpose for this website is to help inspire others to grow from their comfort zone and become a better self through traveling experiences and personal development practices.

What will you gain?

I hope sharing my experience, content, or services will help you grow from your comfort zone and go out there whether through traveling, learning and connecting with yourself, growing into a better person or chase your own dreams. Life is too short to not live your truly best life.

When are blog posts and videos uploaded?

Every week there are new blog posts and videos on this website, if you want to be the first to know about any updates, sign up on the newsletter to receive email newsletter which is exclusive

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