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How To Stay Positive and Avoid Negative People

How To Stay Positive and Avoid Negative People

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Hi my beautiful people!

It’s that time of the year where it’s getting cozy outside and the fall season has finally arrived. Summer has left and fall is here which is also my favorite season! Fall is beautiful for many reasons, the fall feeling, the autumn leaves, the hot chocolate, cozy sweaters and perfect fall dates to go outside.

Just as the seasons changes, it’s important that we also take a look into people and things in our lives that are not helping us in any way. It’s the perfect time to see and notice people who are being detrimental to your health and in your life, and to let them go. Truthfully, any time in your life to do this is the right time, but since fall is the “letting go season,” we can see why it’s important to do so now.

Who we surround us with highly affect us in ways that can be either good or bad for us. For me, I am so happy that I was able to take a look into what was hurting me and doing more harm than good and let it go. Perfect timing to the season change.

Sometimes change is necessary. Sometimes we think it’s a negative thing and I’m here to let you know, it is a positive thing. It’s time to adapt so better things can come into your path.

I’m here to let you know how to stay positive and avoid negative people so that you can shine brighter and be the best version person you can be.

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How to stay positive and avoid negative people!
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  1. Take time to be alone

    You need space to be by yourself. Why? It’s important to truly take the time to know yourself and what you’ve been putting up with that is out of your character. Do you have boundaries? Have you been lacking in self love? Have you been neglecting yourself? This should be the time to really get to know yourself and see what you enjoy and what you don’t. This is also the time where you can breathe fresh air. Being near people and unhealthy environments can truly affect your way of thinking and perspective on situations. Taking the time to be alone will help you see things in a different light which can help you make a wiser decision and help you focus on becoming a better self. It will make you realize if you’ve been a negative or a positive person as well as if you’ve been around negative toxic people. Being alone will truly help you breathe fresh air and make better choices of who belongs in your life and if you’ve been out of character.

  2. Place boundaries and enforce them

    There are people in your life that you will come across and will try to test your boundaries. These people could be toxic, negative or unhealthy for you. If not, all three. This is where you should learn to implement boundaries in all aspects of your life. How do you place boundaries? First understand what you cannot and should not tolerate that is against you and your values. Having no boundaries placed will affect your self esteem because you will not feel confident in yourself and people who don’t respect boundaries will continue to take advantaged of you. Place boundaries on people and make sure you mean what you say. Stand by them and it will help you avoid these types of people. Placing boundaries will also affect your emotions and feelings. If you are confident in yourself and not being taken advantaged of because you enforced them and have built confidence, you will become more happier in your life. You won’t be worrying about being pushed over and being taken advantaged of. You have become in charge of your happiness.

  3. Become positive

    Ever heard of no one can make you happy, only you can? It’s true. You are in charge of your emotions and feelings. The way you react and respond is your responsibility. If someone is being negative towards you, you are responsible in how you will respond to them. Become in charge of your happiness and stay positive. Once you are in control of your emotions, you will realize how easier it is to become and stay positive. In fact, if you radiate positivity and love, you are sending good energy out to the world, and similar people will more than likely attracted to you. Choose to be a positive person. Avoid people who aren’t.

  4. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

    The people you choose to be around with is so important to your mental health and spirit. Surround yourself with people who are actually good people. People who make you laugh, who make you smile, who make you feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with people who uplift you. The people around you should help you feel good about yourself. If you are near people who are negative and love drama, you will attract negativity and be involved in drama. These types of people are looking for more people to be like them, toxic, unhealthy, and negative. If you are a person who is chooses to be positive already, these types of people won’t have a wall to bounce off of. You have the option to choose people in your life. Are you choosing good people or unhealthy toxic people?

  5. Go out in nature

    Going out in nature will help you become grounded. It will help you see that the problems and issues in our lives aren’t as grand as they are. You become connected with the earth and what is has to offer you. Being near birds, trees and even fresh air will help you refocus on what’s the most important thing in our lives. Our emotions gets the best of us in life. When there is so much happening in our lives, we more than likely forget to have a sense of control in our feelings which then affects our mood. We become irritable, sensitive, and angry that we become a negative person. This is what we are trying to avoid. Go grab a blanket, drive or walk to the nearest park, mountain, isolated nature environment and enjoy your time alone. Become one and focus on how little time you have left on this earth and don’t worry about every little thing or negative person.

  6. Love yourself

    Do you truly love yourself. How are you loving yourself? Are you taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically? Are you exercising daily? Have you been behaving in a way that you would be proud of yourself in a year, five or ten years from now? Are you eating the right foods? Are you choosing to take care of yourself emotionally? You have to truly love yourself in all of these areas because this will help you avoid negative people. Negative people love other negative people. Like attracts like and who you are will attract someone similar to you.

  7. Let go

    People are in our lives for a reason or for a season. This is the time where you should see who in your life is finishing their season. What have you learned from them? Life puts people in your life to teach you something. You are the one who has to figure out what that life lesson is before you let go. Once you let go, it will all come makes sense to you. This is the time. Let go.

Well, there you have it. These are seven ways of how to stay positive and avoid negative people. We have to truly take the time in our lives to make changes and evaluate who is being unhealthy for us. Negative people are not good for us. Start making changes and love yourself and watch how your life drastically changes for the better. It’s fall, time to let go, be positive and avoid negative people!

Let me know in the comments how you stay positive and avoid negative people?

How to stay positive and avoid negative people, staying positive, narcissistic people, avoiding negative people, how to take care of yourself, self care practices, self care tips, self care growth, self ca.png
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