Words Of Affirmation and Motivational Videos To Start Each Day

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Have you ever thought about how your thoughts first thing in the morning will affect how the rest of your day will go? I’ve learned that the thoughts will affect you in every way whether you notice it or not. Personally I’ve developed ways on how to control my thoughts and it has changed my life completely.

Do you know that what you think is what you will be? If you are thinking of being positive or negative, you will be whichever you think about. That is why it is important to truly take charge of your thoughts and create affirmations that you will say everyday.

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What is an affirmation?

According to Dictionary.com, “An affirmation is a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.”

So why is an affirmation important? It’s important to take charge of your thoughts and plant seeds of statements filled with love, support, motivation and encouragement. Throughout the day we have so many thoughts that run in our minds and we don’t realize how huge of an impact it does to our decision making and self esteem. I have developed a routine from this past summer that included affirmations that helps me set the tone for the day. I’ve also implemented playlists from YouTube that helped me and I hope these can help you.

Switch it up! Break old habits!

Switching up your morning routine from not checking to your phone to putting on affirmation and motivational videos will improve your mind and thoughts. This will affect the rest of your day and you will definitely see a huge difference in how you go about doing things throughout the day. Now, try replacing bad habits and insert positive habits such as affirmations. These affirmations if you implement everyday will help your self esteem and confidence. This will help you become and stay motivated throughout your day.

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Let’s get started on words of affirmation to motivational videos to start each day with!

Affirmations To Say Everyday for a Better Day

  1. Today will be a beautiful day filled with an abundance wealth, love and happiness.

  2. I am open to receive an abundance of opportunities and blessings.

  3. I can handle anything that is thrown at me today.

  4. I am able to complete anything that I need to do.

  5. I am grateful for these things in my life- name then

  6. Today will be filled with positivity, opportunities, kindness and peace.

  7. I am connected to mother earth and I am worthy.

  8. I am magnificent and I am loving all that I am.

  9. I am creating the life of my dreams and I am a part of the greater whole.

  10. I am abundance, I am successful and I am healthy.

  11. I am accepting all great things in my path.

  12. I am healing and I can handle anything.

  13. I am honoring my highest self.

  14. I am empowered and money flows easily in my life.

  15. There is an abundance of support and success in my life.

Now that you’ve learned some affirmations, what about being motivated? Start changing your morning routine and replacing bad habits such as waking up late and make time for these. Also replace checking your phone to putting on motivational videos and start your day!

Here are motivational videos that actually help me and I listen to in the morning to become motivated and help start up my day.

Here are my top five motivational videos that can help you become motivated for your day!

Do you really love yourself? This motivational video will have you really think about how you are loving yourself.. Are those people around you really supporting you? Are you overusing and taking advantage of this thing called loyalty?

You have ten minutes to start your day positive. Life is too short to go through negative things, holding us down. When you wake up in the morning, say thank you for grace, for mercy, for wisdom, for parents, for love, for kindness, for peace, for prosperity. Say thank you in advance for what’s already yours.

The way you choose to think right now is that, a choice. Now, today, this moment, you can change your way of thinking. It won’t happen overnight. If you are consistent and daily think thoughts that make you feel good, you definitely will make positive changes in every area of your life.

Every time we form an opinion of who we are, we’re right. Not because of our opinions are based on facts, or shared by people we know best, because every time we believe of our identity, it becomes our reality. Why not create it subconsciously? That person you’re imagining is worth becoming.

Good. Great. Unstoppable. Every team, every work atmosphere must have those three personalities. If you have those personalities and can identify those individuals that have those three personalities, you are guaranteed success in whatever you do.

Save this post whether pinning it or bookmarking it! Remember that you are in charge of your mind. You are your boss. You control your thoughts and thoughts are extremely important because how you think it will affect your day. You can either be negative or a positive person. You can either think that you will fail or you will succeed. You are what you think.

Now which one are you going to be?

Comment below on how you will be changing your morning whether it’s using affirmations, motivational videos or both!?

Words of Affirmations and motivation to start your day, motivational videos, affirmations to start your day, positivity to start your day, how to love yourself, positive affirmations to start your day.png