Why Not Giving A F*ck Is Liberating And You Should Do it Too

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I've lived a life where I thought I knew what I wanted to do. Or at least knew what I was supposed to do. If you're like me, you chose to break that death sentence cycle. 

However, others continue to live a life they think they created, to showcase their accomplishments to people they don't really necessarily care for. Why do we tend to live a life like this? 

Today with social media, it is so easy to compare your life to others. Friends, acquaintances to even strangers. We talk about it all the time now. "Stop comparing, stop doing this and that." It's easier said than done. When we are constantly seeing people's highlights, we never really know everything that goes on in people's everyday lives. So we peek, we compare, we then unconsciously choose to be in competition, to then valuing someone's opinion who we really don't even know! We unconsciously value these people's opinions which then puts us in a sheltered box. We make sure we are only stepping outside if it's socially acceptable. We will only step out if we are validated from others opinion.

I'm here to say, fuck that. 

Living a life that is catered and conditioned for others and not for yourself is a death sentence. Valuing an opinion of someone who has nothing to do with you is demising. It is only setting you up for a downfall. You try so hard to then please others and making sure their opinion is put first. You don't realize that the more you are trying to reach that imaginary, never ending point, you are going to fall so hard, you'll end up breaking yourself. 

If it's any easier, I follow and value opinions of a lot of those whose closest to me. I mean there should be a balance.

Those who matter, don't mind and those who mind, don't matter...Right?

However in reality, this is a short life. This is your life. We should be living it day by day, living in the moment, not listening to anyone's irrelevant opinion. 

When you start not giving a sh*t, you realize that nothing really bothers you anymore, or at least not as much. You start feeling alive. You feel as if nothing can touch you. You feel different, as a new person. You feel as if you are finally living a true life. 

In a world where we are constantly seeking validation, why not validate yourself? Why do we always have to seek the approval of the people around us or even strangers? 

After so many years reflecting, this is a waste of f*cking time. For many of us who are in our 20's or possibly 30's, we unconsciously look for validation in our workplaces, relationships, family and even friends. Or our community. We should be able to just live free. 

It is a shame if we continue to live a life others want us to live. Or be someone else for a person. Or live in a sheltered box when all we should do is be who we should really be or do what we should really do. 

For so long, I wanted to travel and write and live a different life than the one I was living. It felt like I've checked every box but wasn't able to fit in any box I was supposed to be in. Especially the workplaces. It felt like I have to seek approval and validation in job interviews, and positions like "yes I have all these skills and degree and I should be the one in this position because this and that." When in reality, once I got it, I realized it wasn’t for me. On to the next.. and the cycle repeated. 

I wanted to for so long live a life that was filled with travel experiences, living in different places and write about things I could never speak about. I was too scared. One because I was seeking validation outside of me, and trying to make sure I was checking each box that I was supposed to do. And also another reason was because I didn't know how to go after what I want. This summer revealed so many lessons for me, and one was to be yourself. Be free. Live the life you always wanted. To live the life I wanted, I had to make sure I let go of the opinions and expectations of others. I'm here to live my life without giving a flying f*ck what anyone else has to say. 

Join me. I'm here to say, it's okay. Finally be yourself, finally let go. Finally do what you want to do.

Finally be free. 

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