What Is Minimalism and How It Changed My Life To Travel More

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Minimalism. What is it? Who is it? Can anyone do it?

As TheMinimalists by Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus said, "Minimalism is a tool that can help you assist in finding freedom." How so? Well for starters, they mention a lot about owning material things. They connect the idea that having a lot of material things eventually blocks us from being happy. Owning materialistic things doesn't necessarily give us freedom in our own lives. Think about it. We own so many pieces of clothing, technology, subscriptions to gyms and memberships, having two TVs, possessing one or more cars, fifty sentimental items and the list continues. It's clutter. Nowadays, we have a lot of material things that we possess without thinking about how these things hold us down. 

We want the newest fashion item. We want the latest iPhone and the newest Benefit makeup. Social media and marketing feeds us all these we must-have items when we really don't need it. Then if we don't have it, we feel like we are missing out. Then we end up buying it!

With owning so many items, in a way-it holds us down from wanting to do other things like traveling. Or be free from debt. We spend hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a year buying things when we replace it soon after. It's a never-ending cycle of having so much stuff. All this clutter in our lives blocks us from living our life to the highest potential.

A couple of years ago during college, the realization came to me thinking about owning less. Why? I want to be able to save money, get out of debt, and travel. If I spend money on things or own things I don't necessarily need, I would not be able to have money to travel the world. And as you can tell, I LOVE traveling and I want it to be my career. 

So by the end of my college year, I adopted the idea of owning less, spending money on items or things I only really need. I learned to differentiate what I want and need. This concept helped me change my mindset as well. My mindset changed to, I am able to pick up my things in a suitcase or two and move wherever my heart desires (so I moved to Miami). I also had the mindset that I will live a more meaningful life. Will I have the most expensive makeup and clothes or have a passports stamped from beautiful places? What means more to me? For me, obviously it meant more to me having money for plane tickets, having places booked, and my passport ready in my hand. 

Once I adopted that mindset, the idea of minimalism spewed over in other areas of my life. I want to be financially free from debt as soon as I hit my 30s. I don't want to have debt from my student loans, or my car and I want to have money to live anywhere I want. So I made it as a goal to save up, have money to pay everything off with extra, and have extra money to travel instead of buying materialist things. 

Now I'm not saying owning a lot of things is a bad thing. It's a personal choice. For me, I just want to be happy living the life I want. I WANT to own less stuff. I HATE clutter! I WANT money to travel. Traveling to new places brings me happiness and the happiness lingers more than owning five similar dresses and makeup.

People always ask me and message me, "How do you travel to all these places?" Well that's one answer. I am wise on my money and how I invest it. 

Lately, it's been a movement with this whole minimalism. Owning less. Less clutter. Find purpose. Live more of a meaningful life. There are more resources out there about this whole minimalism movement, even YouTube videos!

If you want, comment below, I could make a video of the things I have if you want, or write more on how you can start owning less. That could be one of my next blog idea topics. In the meanwhile, if you want to read more about minimalism, here is more information about TheMinimalists themselves. 

Join the movement. Own less. Find your purpose. Be happy. 

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