Living In Miami Pros and Cons | My Experience


Ah, sweet tropical hot weather. Right when I was finishing college in 2015, I wanted to move into a new city. A hot place. Something different than Boston, Massachusetts weather. I found a position opportunity in Miami and I applied. I got it. Then, I moved to Miami, Florida a few months after I finished college. I was stoked and counted down the months till I had to move. 

At the time, I was researching the pros and cons of living in Miami, and how living in Miami was. I couldn't find anything or much on it. After living there for almost a year, I wanted to share my personal experience of living in the sweet Miami heat city. I uploaded a video for those who are interested in hearing my experience and for those who are looking to move there. 

Hopefully one day I'll be a Miami resident again. But for now, I'll be visiting in two weeks!

Click on the video below to hear my experience. 

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