Cozy Things To Do On A Rainy Day 🌧

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When it's a rainy day, it changes our mood. We can feel uninspired, unmotivated and want to just stay inside all day. At least for me, I like to stay cozy. I felt inspired to write about what I love to do on this rainy day. Whether you are looking for ideas for the next rainy day, or want to feel inspired to do something different, here are some things to do. 

Yoga/Pilates 🤸🏽‍♀️

Yoga is something I started doing and I enjoy it! It is so calming to do. I love grabbing my mat, putting on some music or YouTube video about yoga and learn new ways to challenge my body. Yoga can help strengthen your body and mind. It feels good that you are becoming aware of yourself, body strengths and challenges. A yoga YouTuber that I personally enjoy doing is SaraBethYoga. If you are interested into more of core strength or Pilates, I loved doing Blogilates.

Listen To Calming Music 🎶

My favorite music to listen to on rainy days are calming music or sleeping music. It feels like this music is connected to the temperature outside. Rain is gloomy, foggy, slow, and dark. However, with calming music like this one I am able to relax and enjoy the rain a bit more. Just type any calming music search on YouTube and you can find thousands of playlists. 

Journal 📔

Maybe because I am a writer and I just am so passionate about journaling, this activity will always pop up no matter what the occasion. Having five minutes or a block in your day to write is something so powerful. Journaling helps you become more self aware, it externalizes your thoughts and helps you see more clearly of what's inside your mind. It will help navigate you in a way. I believe putting on some calming music mentioned above and just start writing anything that comes to you. It's so personal, relaxing, powerful and so beautiful. Heck, I even bring my journal to work with me! I found mine at Target or you can use whatever paper you have around.  

Meditate 💆🏽‍♀️

Years ago during college, I learned about meditation and it's benefits. Meditation isn't hard, it only takes five minutes and we can all find five minutes in a day. There are different ways to go about this. But it's simple. People usually sit in silence and close their eyes and put on a timer and try to just be in the moment. Try to focus on your breath, the sounds you hear, and try not to fight against your own thoughts. If there is a thought that comes to you, acknowledge it, and let it go. The point of meditation is just to calm yourself and your mind. Be in the moment. You can increase the time everyday and the more you make it as a habit, the more your mind will thank you. I usually like to have my crystals around me, put on meditation music, close my eyes, clear my head and be present in the moment. 

Binge-watch A Netflix Movie Or Show 🖥

You probably were waiting for it, Netflix and chill. This is something where I love to do once in a while. Sometimes you just don't want to leave the house..or bed. Netflix has so many shows and you can literally binge-watch anything in three days. Or a day if you're a savage. Sometimes we all just need that one day, where we put on Netflix, grab our favorite blanket, drink a tea or warm drink and have no one judging you. Trust me, we all do it. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix lately are: One Day At A Time, Orange Is The New Black, Fuller House, Being Mary Jane (which they are canceling unfortunately) and my best friend and I's favorite classic show, Friends. 

Deep Clean Your Space 🗑

Many of us have clutter or things we just don't want. There's probably a space that you can think about right now in this moment that needs some tidying up to do. This is a day to deep clean that space. Getting rid of things that are unnecessary, has no meaning and is just taking up space really needs some of your attention. Cleaning up a space can refresh your mind, your life and even uplift your mood. Put on some music that can inspire you to clean, start with one area and placing each item in a category. Organize and be free from clutter. A rainy day, clean away! 

There are just a few things that I enjoy doing on a rainy day. There are other things to do such as working on that project you've said you were going to do, getting organized, cleaning your house, calling up that person you've been wanting to catch up with. Just because it's a rainy gloomy day, doesn't mean your mood has to match it! I hope you got inspired to do something from this list.

Have a cozy, beautiful rainy day. 

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