How To Finally Find Your Passion & Make It Your Life Career

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This is an unusual story, or maybe it's more common than people think. This summer is when the realization of my passions hit: I can write, travel and I can make that as my career.  

But it took me eight years to notice my passions. How so?

Looking back on the time of when I started writing, it wasn't this past summer, last year or even eight years ago. Like many other little kids, I enjoyed having my own diary. I loved finding a place at home, either in a closet or on my bed, grabbing my diary and start writing. What would I write about? Things like what I aspire to be one day and things that made me happy. I enjoyed having a camera and taking pictures of people, things, places, and that first started back in middle school. I got my first camera. I enjoyed uploading pictures and telling a story with it and putting it on Myspace. Remember Myspace? At the same time, I enjoyed being in front of it as well. I did not even think taking pictures and writing was really creative since the culture around me was more of visual arts, painting, drawing, dancing, singing. No one I knew really enjoyed writing, so I didn't think writing was a form of art. I did not see myself as creative. I kept my writing hidden mostly throughout high school.

In class I had my own notebook I would write in so much, teachers thought I was taking notes and I would receive A's on participation and paying attention. They would even say, "Good job Jenny, taking notes!" I wasn't taking notes. I was writing down my own thoughts.

Until one day I stopped writing because I lost that notebook in a classroom. I felt like anyone who finds it and goes through that notebook will know the deepest personal side of me. 

Once I noticed I left my notebook in a classroom that was filled with personal, secret thoughts, I had one of my guy friends go back and get the notebook. The notebook was left inside the classroom of the most nosy teacher in that school. When she returned the notebook to my friend, she looked at me. I instantly knew she read it. It felt like she saw right through me. That's when I decided to get rid of that notebook and I found out about blogging. I came across the site Tumblr in 2010 and it felt like a secret cave only certain members could go on at the time. Today, Tumblr is very out there and well known. It's not a place for bloggers anymore in my opinion. However, back in the day, I signed up and started blogging a lot on that website. 

Tumblr was a website I enjoyed mostly for it's connected, real community. A place where I met some of my internet friends from all over. *If you are seeing this, we are still tight my Tumblr friend and thanks for your long time support* I enjoyed blogging on it, writing my truest deepest thoughts. No one judging me. Until Tumblr became a place where it wasn't fun anymore. It was a place where it started taking the light out of my life. Now I don't want to get more into, I could write a different post for this and what actually happened. Anyways, I ended up deleting my Tumblr account in 2015. I returned to writing in my journal again. 

I wrote every day for a year in my journal. That was something I looked back on and can actually see my dark and happy times and how I transformed. I absolutely did not realize that journaling was something of a hobby or activity of mine. I did not see it as an art. I wrote in my journal consistently for years and it came so easily for me. 

Writing or blogging comes so natural to me and I enjoy it. I did not think about creating a blog ever again since 2015 because of how personal and vulnerable it is for me. It's very personal but I realized that is something special. Everyone has a story. 

I mentioned in my video, I started noticing signs back to back. I felt stuck of what I really wanted to do. I wanted to express myself and yes I did in my journal but I wanted it to be different. I wanted to make it something that I can share with the world. We all go through relatable life experiences, but we all don't share it. We all put on this persona in real life or online that we are okay. 

And it's okay to not be okay. 

As a person who felt stuck throughout the years, this summer was necessary. It helped me transform and build into this person who can finally create. Who can finally express. I received support from many people and God in my life as well as successful people who gave me guidance, I can't name them all.

For those that are feeling stuck about figuring out their passions, it's okay. I didn't realize mine for eight years. Eight long years. 

Here are some tips to find your own passion.

  • Find Something That Comes Natural To You 

It doesn't have to be in the creative field, but it could be. No one was there to tell me I am a writer, or that I am creative. I didn't share it with anyone to really hear that I am actually creative. I am inside my mind all the time like most writers. There are different forms of writing, story telling, poetry, etc. But if something comes so easy to you that you don't struggle most of the time, it could be your passion. Think about something that you sincerely do it without second thoughts or challenges. Something that you actually make time for and you make it as a priority because you enjoy it that much. 

  • Understand It Will Take Time

For me it took me eight years. For you, you probably already know. I started writing early on in my childhood and through that time, I grew in my writing. I am able to write complete sentences, write in a way that is more understanding. Clearer. Concise. I am able to write exactly how I want to express. It took me many years to develop my strength. It may take time for you to develop strengths in your work or passion, but the more you do it, the more it will become stronger. It all takes work.

  • Be Open

This is something I wish I knew earlier. I was not open to myself. I hid myself in a sheltered box because I was embarrassed. As a person who is always inside her head, I did not want to be open in telling people about my writing. I would write every day but that was something only one or two people knew about me, because they lived with me! Other than that, I wasn't open to my own self of discovering my interests and hobbies. I wasn't open to understand and really reflect of what comes natural to me. So be open. Be open to yourself and assess yourself. 

    • Start and Keep Going 

Whatever you enjoy doing and want to do, just do it. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks about you. It doesn't matter what anyone else has to say. If you are feeling shy or embarrassed to create content like how I was keeping my Tumblr blog private and my journals a secret, you are only fighting with yourself. Just start dancing, writing, taking pictures, drawing and share it. Once you get over that fear, and start, you are already halfway there. But don't give up, no matter the struggle and challenges that you will face. I got rid of my Tumblr blog, but kept writing everyday for years after that. I never gave up. 

I hope that sharing my experience helps anyone about finding and understanding their passions. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and it's harder to try to find guidance when no one is really there to understand you. But give people a chance, give yourself a chance. Start finding your passion and don't ever let it go. 

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