A Letter To The Person I Should Have Loved More

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I should have given you the love you deserved. Instead I gave the love to people who didn’t deserve it. I should have done more to make sure you were taken care of. You did so much for others and sometimes it wasn’t good enough. But in my eyes you are good enough. I would have loved you to the core of your bones. I would have loved you so much you wouldn’t have thought less. You deserved so much and sometimes people didn’t see it. I didn’t see it, until now. I’m here to pick you up. I’m here to love you fully. I’m here and will not leave you. I won’t confuse you. I won’t be emotionally unstable. I will love you till you are able to stand up and love yourself again. I will love you until you realized you are deserving of the love you need and want. You deserve someone who won’t leave you. Someone who won’t go to bed first without telling you everything will be okay, I love you. I love you. I will always love you. I should have loved you first and fully before anyone else. I will notice when you need help next time. I will be there for you and won’t silence you anymore. I will be there and love you first. I’m sorry. 


A letter dedicated to myself, the person I should have loved more.