A New Beginning

I finally did it. After much ache and confusion throughout the years. I decided to do what I've been wanting to do. Travel and write. 

I have done what many others my age do, or "supposed to do." Go to college, graduate, work a few jobs, continue the 9-5pm, go home, sleep and repeat. How devastating living a life like that? 
I am always catching myself, sitting in my office chair, looking at my computer screen, looking up new travel places to explore. 

After almost three years of a gruesome, heavyhearted thought, it came to me. Is this the life that I am going to settle for or should I really take that risk and do what I really want to do?

And what many people don't do, I did. 

I enjoy traveling. I enjoy taking pictures, I enjoy writing. I enjoy exploring and connecting with new places and people. I enjoy growing out of my comfort zone. My life has been completely changed and continues to change when I buy a plane ticket, and end up in a new place, exploring a new environment. 

I enjoy writing everyday in my own journal. I enjoy taking pictures of the places I've been and I want to be able to share that with the world. 

I want to live my own life. A life that no one is telling me when I should eat, and when I should go on vacation to travel.

This is a new beginning. A place where I am going to be vulnerable and be authentic to myself. A place where you can come along with me. Oh the places we'll go. 

Cheers to being free.