Steps & Tips On How To Grow Your Own Comfort Zone

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You heard the saying, "a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows from there."

It's true. You can stay in your familiarity but if you're feeling like you are not growing and becoming a better self, then it's time to start trying to change something about it. 

I am always looking for new ways to become better. I want to share with you some tips on how you can grow from your comfort zone and these are physical and mental ways. 



I love going on hikes especially during the summer because when you go into nature, you become connected with yourself. Hiking is great to challenge you physically and showing you ways on how to navigate an unknown environment. When you hike up a mountain and reach the top, you can look at the horizon and realize that there is so much out there and that is going to motivate you to do something new. 


Try New Things 


What was something you always wanted to do but did not make it as a priority? What was something you want to do but was embarrassed about? Or you were just scared to even try?

It could be joining a Zumba class, starting your own Youtube page, or it could be small like going to a cafe by yourself and introducing yourself to a stranger. Did something cross your mind? Well you should make it as a priority and do it. Trying new things is exciting. It changes our moods as well. It can take you out of a slump and it proves to yourself that you can do it. Which also increases your confidence. 



If you want to try something small but if you never did it before, write. Buy a journal and grab a pen, and just write. When you journal you can become more aware mentally of where you are at in life. Studies even show that when you journal, it's therapeutic. You have a deeper understanding of yourself. When you understand yourself more, you can learn new things about yourself. You are aware of your emotions and feelings and you can take charge of yourself. This is all important because when you're deep into understanding yourself, you will come across experiences (good or bad) and able to make a stronger decision compared to if you were not aware of yourself based on familiarty. 



This is something so very passionate to me. Travel! Travel by yourself. You can either buy a plane ticket or buy a train ticket and just go somewhere. Traveling is such an experience that will help literally force you to grow out of your comfort zone. Traveling will make you speak up. It will make you navigate a new system like public transportation or when you get lost, asking for directions. There is people out there and you may come across (being careful) a new friend, a local friend and possibly a significant partner. You grow into someone different because you see new things, you become more confident, aware, resourceful and nonetheless, happier. 

It doesn't have to be going to a new country-although that will definitely make you grow-but simply going to a different state or across the country is something. Just go. 

Those are some tips that helps me grow out of my comfort zone. Maybe you can't travel but you can try that new thing you always wanted to do. I hope that you take this information and grow as a better you. I mean if you want to! Being complacent is scary because then you don't grow. When you don't grow, that's when you stay in a bubble. And again, it may be beautiful but what's more beautiful is seeing you become a better self. 

Check out this journal for self exploration discovery.

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