Top Best Places to Travel to in California and Florida

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Hey beautiful people!

There are so many beautiful places around the world and the states to visit! If you haven’t been around these states and would like to get some recommendations or inspiration to travel, you’ve come to the right place!

Before I jump into the most beautiful cities and spots that I’ve been to in California and Florida, I must say I haven’t been to EVERY single place in these states (which is my plan) and I definitely still have some handful of cities and places left to visit on my bucket list in the United States but here are the places that I’ve been that I recommend going in California and Florida.

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By the way-these are the states that I have been to- Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, New York, Boston, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C.(capital not a state but still) Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, and have passed through  roadtripping from Boston to Washington D.C.

Even if you are from around the world (which I have some Asia, Latin America, Ireland and UK visitors and other places around the world) here are still some places you can visit in your time here.

Now, sit back, enjoy some pictures and read the nice spots to visit!

San Francisco, California

This one is no brainer for those that know me, I absolutely love San Francisco. This city is by far my most favorite top place to visit not only because of the absolute beautiful views that this city offers-but it’s community feeling. It’s one of those cities where it’s different from any other city. San Francisco has that clean (although there are the dirty, rough parts of the city-I’VE BEEN THROUGH THEM WALKING) but it’s where the weather is just beautiful. The places to see are exciting and you are around nature. This city has hills but you can walk through them or bike through them and get a workout. It’s a fun and nice city to explore. I love it so much I have this place again in my top places to visit again this year.

Here are places to visit while in California!

  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • Corona Heights Peak

  • Baker Beach

  • Fishermans’s Wharf

  • Golden Gate Park

  • Lombard Street (really cool famous steep street that you go around like a zig zag while also viewing beautiful expensive houses LOL)

    Here are some pictures to inspire and visit!

    If you want to be able to get around and see the top attractions, use a CityPass to help save you money! Not only in San Francisco but as well as Florida and other cities in the states! Click below.

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baker beach, golden state bridge, san francisco.jpg
backer beach, california, san francisco, golden gate bridge.jpg

Santa Cruz, California

While you are still in California, visit Santa Cruz! It’s about an hour and a half from each other in car. I absolutely loved visiting Santa Cruz. I’ve been there about three times and it’s a place I recommend. I like to say it’s where the hipsters go and hang because it’s relaxed and has a hippy vibe. But in all, it’s such a cool place that reminds me of Rocket Power. I don’t know why but maybe I say that because I usually see people skating, surfing and are laid back there.

The beaches-ahhh so relaxing and you can just sit on the beach and enjoy the nice view. I didn’t go in because I found the water to be too cold to swim. But maybe not for you! Here are some pictures of Santa Cruz that I have.

santa cruz, california.jpg
santa cruz, california, places to visit, california loving, explore, solo travel.jpg

Has Santa Cruz been added onto your list? There are really great guides to help you more in depth of what to do here. To check out when it’s the best time to travel to Santa Cruz and for cheaper ways to stay here than AirBnB, check out Santa Cruz Vacation Rentals for the best travel guides in this city.

Keep going a little more south of Santa Cruz about an hour to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California! 

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, California 

monterey bay aquarium, monterey, california.jpg
montery bay, aquarium, california.jpg
monterey bay aquarium, california.JPG
monterey bay, california, monterey bay aquarium.JPG

While in Monterey, California visit:

  • Fisherman’s Wharf

  • Cannery Row

  • Monterey Bay Coastal Trail

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium

    It is really a beautiful aquarium, second favorite after the one in Miami!

Miami, Florida

Had to put this one in the top places. Miami, Florida! I have been to Orlando and major thumbs up for Orlando for the amusement parks, but Miami, Florida. Maybe because I lived here and I’m a little biased but Miami definitely has the best cultured food around. From Cuban, Nicaraguan, Haitian, Caribbean food etc. Spanish is spoken about everywhere and hello-the beaches! Miami Beach from Sunny Isles to mid beach, to Hollywood beach. There’s just so many places to visit. Miami is filled with art and here are some beautiful places, jot these down or pin this page when you want to visit Miami!

When you’re in Miami- visit these spots!

  • South Beach

  • South Pointe

  • Aventura Mall

  • Ocean Drive

  • Haulover Beach Park

  • Mangoes Tropical Cafe

  • Wynwood Walls

  • Espanola Way

  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

  • Kush by LoKal

  • Bayside Marketplace

  • Bayfront Park

  • Key Biscayne

  • Miami Beach Botanical Garden

  • North Shore Park

  • Venetian Pool

  • Marlins Park

  • The Wynwood Tavern

  • The Wynwood Yard

  • Design District

  • Perez Art Museum (my number one favorite museum thus far)

I have even more places but there’s just a lot so if you want to explore more, visit my instagram @sweetsimplyjenny and check out my photos which the locations are tagged on the photos! Also leave me comments and messages if you want food recommendations as well! But here are photos of Miami.

ke biscayne, miami florida.jpg
wynwood walls, miami florida.jpg
south pointe beach, miami, florida.JPG
miami art, miami florida, places to visit.jpg
Haulover Park, Miami Florida.jpg
Venetian Pool, Miami, Florida.JPG
downtown miami.JPG

Keep heading south for three hours into

Key West, Florida!

I did a roadtrip here which if you have time to visit, please do! It’s such a relaxed, HOT place where seriously you are just 90 miles from Cuba. It’s a really sunny place-I felt sometimes even hotter and sunnier than Miami even at night but you can just relax and go hang out by the beaches because they are just so so freaking beautiful.

key west florida, places to visit, key west, florida.JPG

I hope that you got some information on places to travel if you’re heading or want to head to California and or Florida!

Do you know any other places in mind to visit while you’re here and I didn’t mention? Or do you have questions on what to eat? Leave a question in the comments and I’ll reach out to you! Let me know where you are heading to!

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top favorite places to travel to in california and florida, miami, san francisco, food, adventure, travel, explore, orlando, key west, los angeles, santa cruz, san diego, san francisco, monterey, key west florida.png