8 Books To Start Reading Right Now to Help Improve Your Life

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It’s that time of year where it’s getting chilly and you want to get cozy in bed and read a book or two. Or maybe you are looking for new books to help improve your life. Either way-you came to the right place! There are moments in life where I love reading a type of genre that is relevant to what I’m going through in life. At the moment, I’m reading four really good books about entrepreneurship, blogging and wealth books which are so different from what I usually read. However, I have read many self improvement books where I want to share with you.

These are 8 books that have changed my life completely. I think these will be helpful for you to learn more about yourself whether you are going through a difficult time, to wanting exercises, motivational and inspirational stories to even a good laugh all while changing your life.

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Now let’s get into the 8 best books that helped change and improve my life and which can help yours!

  1. 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain For Happiness and Success - Amy Morin

What is it about and why is it good?

This book is filled with literally 13 chapters about things that mentally strong people DON’T do. This was an eye opener in recognizing the areas in my life I was putting too much in and it sucking the happiness out from my life. Without saying much, these 13 things she speaks about are to help strengthen your awareness in emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Often times we are not really aware of where we put our emotions and how that can impact and drain us. We also aren’t aware of how we negatively behave and hurt our own relationships and friendships. One of the things that she talks about which is what I can definitely support what mentally strong people don’t do is, “They Don’t Worry About Pleasing Everyone.” She goes on and talks about in depth of why this is such an absolute time waster and life draining and how to change this mindset. It is such a good book, seriously read this. I read this when I was trying to strengthen myself mentally. It’s a best selling book and I really recommend if you want to become mentally strong.

2. Peace From Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through - Iyanla Vanzant

Are you going through such a dark and difficult time in your life and need some inspiration or motivation? Iyanla Vanzant is such a great inspirational spiritual woman who talks about her hard times in the last decade from how things in her life just went south and her struggles with raising her children alone to being absolutely broken from devastating events. Then, she became a different person learning many spiritual lessons and applying it to her life. She is so successful and strong that even Oprah looks up to her. Uh OPRAH! Her spiritual awareness is so beautiful. If you want to learn more about how to get through what you’re going through, and let me tell you-not underestimating anyone’s struggles or pain-it just feels she knows how to talk to you and you haven’t even met her. She is a spiritual guide in real life and I recommend to pick this book up. I read this book when I was going through a difficult break up and man this helped me so much. This is a must go to book if you are going through difficult times.

3. Facing Codependence: What It Is, Where It Comes From, How It Sabotages Our Lives- Pia Mellody 

Facing Codependence: What It Is, Where It Comes from, How It Sabotages Our Lives
By Pia Mellody, Andrea Wells Miller, J. Keith Miller

Are you a codependent? Do you have difficulties in putting up boundaries in your life with people? Do you feel like your relationships are unhealthy? Do you attract people who take advantage of you and are toxic? These types of questions led me into learning what codependency is and where it stems from. This truly changed my life and recognizing how unhealthy some of my behaviors are in relationships and how I let people take advantage of me. After reading this book, it helped me realize how the way we are raised growing up, learning and seeing how the relationships between our parents or caregivers are, it can either affect us positively and or negatively. In this case, as a codependent, it affected me negatively. This book will help you understand yourself, where your behaviors and perspectives in relationships comes from and how you sabotage your own relationships with people. This is such an eye opener book. This was a topic that wasn’t talked about till Pia Mellody (which isn’t her real name) raised awareness on this topic in the 90’s. And it’s still the best book around today surrounding codependency.

4. The Language of Letting Go - Melody Beattie 

This one again by a classic from Melody Beattie (Pia Mellody mentioned above in the last book). She decided to use her real name this time after not wanting to be anonymous anymore. Her books are seriously the best about learning how to let go for codependents. This books is filled with quotes and meditation affirmations and inspirations on how to let go. This is another classic that in CODA groups it is talked about and referenced. This is so good for any codependents trying to change their life around. I love this book and again recommend any and all books she has written.

5. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Cluttering and Organizing- Marie Condo

The minimalism movement is here and Marie Kondo is a decluttering and organizing expert! She explains in every area and in every step on how to declutter your life. She talks about how to find and seek joy from everything you do and in everything you have. Does it bring joy to you? Take the item in your hands, feel it and do you feel joy in that shirt? In those pants? With that book? With that yearbook? With that teddy bear you’ve had since 3rd grade? If it does, then keep it and put it here in this area of your living space etc. If not, get rid of it. Her book is a best seller because she literally talks about how to declutter and organize your life in a way that no one has explained before how to do. From even folding pants and socks the right way! Her book has been talked about a lot through bloggers, YouTubers and even in the minimalism movement as well as on the Today Show on NBC. She helped me understand that a lot of things I have are unnecessary and helped me let go of many items in my life before I moved to Miami and to continue having less to travel more!

6. Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert 

This is literally in my top favorite books of ALL time. This one is a classic. This book right here helped me so much in discovering my passion to travel, self discovery and it changed my life. Elizabeth Gilbert writes about how she was going through such a difficult time in her life being in a complacent marriage where she believed she had everything “the white picket fence, the husband, no children, her successful career” but she had lost herself, confused and was depressed with living the life she had. She wanted to be different, be herself and what did she do? I won’t tell you but she definitely changes her life to travel to Italy, India, and Bali where she finds herself for a year. Her self-discovery journey was and is so inspirational, I pick this book up at least twice a year and watch the movie-yes there’s a movie-at least three times a year too. I LOVE this book and if you need and want to read travel journeys and self discovery, pick this book up and you won’t regret it.

7. You Are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life - Jen Sincero 

You are a badass-yes life coach and successful author Jen SIncero tells you all about how the way you are is amazing and how to change the things you can and love the things you cannot change. This book offers exercises, motivational stories and advice to improve areas in your life while making some dinero $$ (money). This is another classic and successful book. I like to read self care books with ways on how to change and improve your life realistically and this book helps with that. Need easy exercises while also need motivation to make money? Get this book and you won’t put it down. Sometimes you don’t realize you’re in your own way and Jen Sincero helps you acknowledge that in areas of your life and how to change it.

8. 10 Keys to Happier Living: A Practical Handbook for Happiness- Vanessa King

Lastly, 10 Keys to Happier Living by Vanessa King. We all want to live a happy life. We strive to aim for happiness in everything but how do we do that? This book offers guides and activities to help you become happier. What are those activities? Vanessa King talks about doing things for others, connecting with people, living mindfully, having goals to look forward to and so on! Then she talks about these activities and how you can do them and implement in your life. It’s an easy read because she explains in specifics and details in these chapters and in the end it’s about action! This is a good book if you find yourself unhappy and want to be in charge of your life and finally take action.

Those are the top 8 books to start reading right now to help improve your life. All of these books I have read and always recommend to others. These books helped me improve my life from relationships, to self discovery and growth, to help save money traveling and seeking knowledge to improving my mental health.

Let me know in the comments which books on this list are you going to read? Have you read any similar books and would like to recommend to me? I’d love to read new recommendations!

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