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25 Self Care Ideas That Are Free

25 Self Care Ideas That Are Free

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There were days where I would neglect to do some me-time and would go months and years without putting myself first. That is such a terrible thing to even say but it’s relatable to many others. As of lately, it has been my goal to take care of myself every single day. As I’m doing things everyday that serve me, I am learning new ways to take care of my soul, body and mind.

It is a blessing to be able to take care of yourself, and it is necessary. In order to feel and be the best version of yourself, you have to do things that require some “me” time. I want to be able to share with you 25 self care ideas that are simple, free and that you can do right now to love yourself. Now I must share with you something that I’ve learned and it is actually very true, self care is not an accomplishment. It is a practice. It is something you constantly have to do for the rest of your life and it is an absolutely wonderful journey. It is a long journey that will require your constant effort and time but it is a beautiful time spent.

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Now let’s get into the Top 25 Self Care Ideas that you should do right now and that will cost you $0.00!

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  1. Rent a book in the library

  2. Put on a face mask. There are DIY masks you can find here . You probably have these ingredients in your kitchen already!

  3. Clean out your closet and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

  4. Do your nails.

  5. Unfollow people on social media that affect you negatively.

  6. Take a break for a day from your phone-better yet stay off of social media for a day.

  7. Donate clothes you don’t wear or fit anymore.

  8. Take a nap.

  9. Make future plans with a friend to spend time together.

  10. Cook a meal at home with ingredients you have already.

  11. Binge-watch that show you’ve been wanting to see.

  12. Start saying no. If you don’t want to do it, or go, decline.

  13. Take a walk around your neighborhood or park.

  14. Work out with a YouTube video-either yoga, pilates, aerobics or any exercises! There are so many different types of workout videos on YouTube.

  15. Listen to podcasts about self care, motivation, and loving yourself. Les Brown is my go to.

  16. Start planning a trip to go somewhere. You don’t have to actually buy a plane ticket but it gives you something to look forward to mentally.

  17. Make some tea or coffee.

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19. Write down five things that you are grateful for. Then say them out loud with your eyes closed.

20. Take a drive, put on relaxing music and bring a blanket with you. Find a park and sit there and enjoy your solitude.

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21. Go out for a hike.

22. Call up a loved one and/or friend.

23. Watch your favorite movie.

24. Place and enforce a boundary with someone that is not respecting or valuing you.

25. Say affirmations to yourself and let go of worrying.

Want a bonus? Scroll down!

BONUS: Put on your favorite music, blast it (if you can) and dance like no one is watching.

There you have it. Those are the 25 self care ideas that are free and cost will cost you nothing to take care of yourself. Remember to always find ways to take care of yourself and it could be in small ways. Never neglect yourself and if you have, it is time to regain your power back and love yourself fully.

Let me know, what are your ways you take care of yourself? Comment below!

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