Why You Should Never Stop Learning After College


It's a new semester for many new or returning college students. A time where you'll meet new people, hang out with your old friends or even graduate after this last year. College was a time for me that it was one of the best times in my life, even though I went through challenges. However with those challenges came with new changes and adaptations for the better. 

In college, we learn about new concepts, how to think, how to study, manage time, how to grow out of our own comfort zone and balance life, work and studies all at the same time. When we graduate, we enter the "real" world and start our careers or our new chapter in life. However, some of us do not continue that learning aspect in life.

Once we graduate, a lot of us do not make the time in our lives to educate ourselves. We get stuck in that work and responsibilities that we forget to push ourselves to learn further. 

When we graduate, we might put off graduate school for different reasons or might not even go because we do not want to. However, school shouldn't be the only place we should learn.

Learning doesn't require studying.

You should continue to learn because you should seek to grow in new ways, and challenge your own thinking. It's seeking new knowledge for yourself so it can help you become more educated in different areas. 

Don't stray away from educating yourself on different topics of life. These topics can range from racism, public and policy topics, how to better yourself, to even learning more about how to manage finances. 

Whatever it is, college shouldn't be the last place you opened up a book, or listened to podcasts. College was the beginning for you to change your mindset to be more open and seek new information. 

We should not become complacent just because we finished college. We should become more aware and motivated that we do not have those deadlines to force us to read, learn and study.

I want to share with you some tips on how to continue learning even after graduating.

Find A Topic You Want To Learn More About

This could be something about a religion, a public policy, a new movement, self care journey, a new psychology term, or even how to save for retirement. Literally there's so many different types of things to learn more about, you just have to ask around, find something online that interested you. Or maybe talking with a friend about a new concept, find something that you want to learn more about and go! 

Find Different Resources 

In college we learned to only use reliable sources, but online can still have pretty good scholar-written articles and even YouTube is a great outlet. I love to rent books through the public library because not only is it saving you tons of money, but the library is filled with so much information, it is NEVER ending! This is how I usually seek to learn more information which is through books but there are podcasts out there about a lot of different things. There's YouTube, LinkedIn, Huffington Post, blogs, Barnes and Nobles, public library, go find those resources. 

Make It A Priority 

There's a difference. You can get all the information you want but are you actually making it a priority to learn? We don't have those deadlines hanging above us anymore. So you are responsible for yourself to make those decisions. I still have a planner for everything in my life to be organized and make time blocks for the things I find important. This is all about making the time to things you find important and if you don't have a topic that you want to know more about, you won't make it a priority. So make sure it aligns with something you really want to know more about.


Why seek the information and keep it quiet? College was a place to seek information, challenge your way of thinking and share your perspective and thinking to others. It helped others see things in a different perspective and also learn about new concepts and ideas. Once you are into something, it's okay to find groups about it or find a friend who might be actually interested in learning about it too. Share that information so others can learn too! 

It's been about three years since I've graduated already which is crazy looking back! In that time, I read about five books a year, listened to a handful of podcasts, came across and read hundreds of articles from professionalism, to higher education policies to even self care help. I'm in no way of an expert of seeking new information, but I've been challenging myself to find new resources each time I want to learn more about a topic. 

I hope this motivates you to go educate yourself on things! We should never stop learning, even if life gets in the way. 

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