How To Make Your New Years Resolution Actually Stick

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It’s a new year where many people are making their resolutions! For the past eight years, I have accomplished every resolution I have come up with. Thinking back to the very first year, one resolution for four years was to graduate from college. It was important to me because I was the first to graduate from college in my family with a Bachelors degree and so it was a big deal to really walk that stage and grab my degree. I made it a mission every year to create steps and an outline to accomplish not only graduating college, but get out of debt, save money, be healthier in my eating habits as well as being mentally and physically healthy.

To accomplish my goals, I noticed I did steps that really helped me accomplish my goals. Every year is a new time frame to accomplish our goals. This is why a new year makes a lot of people excited. If you’re one of these people who wants to make sure their new year resolutions get accomplished, then read further.

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“Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life.”

-Les Brown, motivational speaker

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Now, let’s get into how to make your new years resolution actually stick!

  1. Write down your goals

This is something I wholeheartedly believe in it. Write it down. Write your goals down on PAPER. Even having it digitally doesn’t really have the same effect. There is something writing down on paper that helps you hold yourself accountable and will help you maintain being focused and determined. For the past eight years, I wrote down my goals every year on a sticky note and placed it in front of the first page in my agenda. Every time I opened up my agenda throughout the year and saw my goals, it was a reminder of what I needed to do and why I wanted to accomplish them. It is also a good thing to have them written down because overtime thoughts get lost or even forgotten. I recommend getting an agenda or journal similar to this one below so you can actually have a place to write them and keep.

How To Make Your New Years Resolution Actually Stick, how to make your resolutions to stick, new year resolution goals, new years goals, steps and goals for new year resolutions.jpg

2. Be specific

Broad statements and broad goals won’t get you far. You have to be specific in what you want to accomplish. Having a goal like, “lose weight” isn’t really specific. Write down in details. An example is:

  • Lose 5 pounds within two months by making healthier dishes for lunch and dinner

  • Be able to talk in front of an audience of 50 people by March 30th

  • Pass all of my classes with A’s or B’s this semester and putting in more study time throughout the week

These are just a few examples of detailed goals. When you have a detailed goal, now it’s time to come up with a time frame.

3. Set quarter goals throughout the year

When we come up with goals, we need to have an idea of our time frames with what we want to accomplish. This doesn’t necessarily have to be so precised and tight that there isn’t any wiggle room that you can’t breathe. Set up quarter goals throughout the year of what you’d like to accomplish in every three to four months. For an example, my first quarter goal is to increase my monthly viewers on this blog by a certain number that I have written down. Check out a similar weekly and monthly planner below to help you track your goals.

how to get your new year goals to stick and succeed,How To Make Your New Years Resolution Actually Stick, how to make your resolutions to stick, new year resolution goals, new years goals, steps and goals for new year resolutions.jpg

4. Be realistic about your steps

Many new year goals or goals in general that have failed is because you aren’t being realistic with them. There is no shame in coming up with dreams that others may look at you crazy. There is shame if all you do is talk and don’t take action. Taking action should be logistic, planned and executed. Make sure you can do the first step than jumping to the mid or end steps of your goal. If you don’t, you’re more likely going to overwhelm yourself and give up. Similar to riding a bike for the first time: you need to get on the bike with training wheels and try not to fall. If you get on the bike without training wheels and are so eager to ride down a steep hill, what do you think it’s going to happen? You’re going to crash and hurt yourself and most likely not want to try ever again. Be realistic and take action steps.

5. Create a vision board

Another additional support for your dreams and goals is to create a vision board. If you are a visual person who wants to make their dreams into reality, a vision board can help. A vision board is a board filled with pictures and quotes and anything you want to create as symbols for your goals. Your vision can literally be manifested.This is a good way to help you stay focused and visualize your dreams on the daily. This is a powerful tool because dreams are just dreams until they turn into reality through vision. If you need help in how to create one, click below on some links to read about how to make one!

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6. Become disciplined and consistent

No matter how many goals you have come up with, if you aren’t disciplining yourself to accomplishing something everyday towards your goal, you aren’t living up to your fullest potential. Many successful people who are entrepreneurs have mentioned time and time again that being successful comes with traits that they had to have. Two were being disciplined and consistent. You can achieve anything if you maintain being disciplined through all of your obstacles and challenges. We all know when we really want something we are going to face obstacles. Being disciplined will help you maintain being on your journey and accomplish your goal.

7. Reflect and change what isn't working

Sometimes we work really hard and we don’t see any progress. This doesn’t mean to give up. You have to change what isn’t working to a different plan. Never change your goal, just change the plan and see what isn’t working. Similar to what Eisenstein said, “Insanity: Doing something over and over again and expecting different results.” You are going to go crazy and give up on your goal if you continue to do the same plan and nothing seems to work. So switch it up, just never give up.

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Well there you have it! Six tips on how to help you accomplish your new years resolution. If you have any ideas on how you will accomplish your goals, let me know in the comments.

What are your New Years resolutions?