8 Ways On How To Rebuild Your Self Esteem

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The aftermath is the hardest part. After any hardship, if we have lost ourselves in the mess, it feels like the worst painful and heartbreaking experience. Maybe it took years to build up your self esteem or maybe you worked so hard to get to a point in life that you felt okay. Then all of a sudden, something like a devastating wrong life decision or heartbreak happened and you found yourself lost once again.

This happens to the best of us. We all go through periods of confusion and feeling lost. So how do we rebuild ourselves after such loss?

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Now let’s get into how to rebuild yourself after losing yourself.

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  1. Turn the focus inward

    It’s your turn. Maybe you were focusing on others before and forgot that you should have been putting that effort and priority to you first. Now it’s time to make you as the main priority. Turn all your focus back onto you. How are you feeling? Validate yourself first. Put your needs first before anyone else. Go ahead, be selfish. You have that right.

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2. Hang out with quality genuine friends

Be near around people who uplift you. Make sure that the people you are spending the most time around are people who make you feel good. Be around people who are not draining your energy. If you are around good quality people, make sure that you are of quality to them as well.

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3. Become mindful

One thing that I started doing to rebuild myself was becoming more mindful. Usually when we are eating or doing something, we aren’t actually paying attention 100%. Sometimes we are trying to listen to someone talking to us while we are finishing up a text. Maybe we are eating and watching television at the same time. Become more mindful of everything that you do. Whether it’s taking a shower, are you focusing on every part of washing your body? Where are your thoughts? Or even when eating, focus more on every sense; sight, touch, hear, taste and smell. Be more mindful of the present moment.

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4. Create and focus on your goals

This is the time to create and focus on those goals that have been in your mind. Set those intentions whether it’s running a 5K marathon, cleaning out that basement or maybe eating healthier. Time to create those goals that will uplift you and make you feel like there is something to look forward to. After you have created and written down your goals for both short and long term, it is time to focus on them. Focus on you and your goals and take action.

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5. Add hiking and being in nature onto your list

Being around nature is an amazing feeling. Try to be around birds, trees and anything that is from earth. It can feel so refreshing and peaceful to be around such beauty. It can also remind you that even if we feel as if we are broken and lost, nature can help us guide us back to where we should be.

6. Listen to a motivational speaker

Listen to someone who has been through tough times and made it out successful. Find and learn from a resilient person. This is what I usually seek for when going through tough times. My favorites are Tony Robbins and Les Brown. It’s an amazing to listen and laugh while also learn about these resilient people who have been through so much and made it out alive. On top. Now they are helping others create their own paths. If they can do it, you can do it. You can listen to these speeches on YouTube or podcasts and find ones that can really touch your soul to become even better. Watch Tony Robbins video below to How To Find Yourself Again.

7. Wake up earlier

Try waking up earlier than usual. Our mind and body can get healthier by making time for new healthy habits. In that time that you now have, try exercising, meditating, doing yoga, journaling or anything that can help your future self.

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8. Fake it till you make it

Fake it till you make it. No matter how you feel, get up and do it. Your emotions are validated. However, sometimes in order to get over our challenges and barriers in life, we sometimes have to fake it till we make it. So if you are feeling lost and confused, no one else is going to really know that you are faking it. So get up, put on your smile till you are truly smiling and find your way out. You will make it alive and you will find yourself again.

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Now that you’ve read 8 ways on how to rebuild yourself after loss, it’s time to take action. Many of us need a push and just a little bit of motivation. Hopefully you can take these steps and advice and learn how to rebuild yourself little by little. No matter what you do, remember that you will get there again soon.

Let me know in the comments, which advice or tip meant the most to you?