Our Room and House Tour-See Our New Home!

Hi there beautiful people! I am back with a more personal room and house tour video and blog post!

Last month, right before the new year, my family and I moved into a new home. After going through so many changes last year, I never thought I was going to end up helping to buy a new house for my family and I. A year ago, the thought never crossed my mind. This goes to show that everything can change within a year.

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One month later, I am here living in our new home. I bought new furniture and finally got settled down. I posted on Instagram stories and you all voted for a room and house tour.

So come with me and check out our new home.

Our New Room and House Tour(Minimalist Style), 2019 house and room tour, minimalist room and house tour.png

Here are some pictures from my own room..But scroll down for the whole video for the house and room tour!


Here is my queen size bed which my goal was to make it comfy and cozy.


I got the bed furniture from Rotmans, the aromatherapy, candle and rug from TJ Maxx, the lamp from Target.


Here is a different perspective on my room


Check out the whole video for the complete house tour below!