My Manifestation Story On How I Received A New Job, A New Home and Travel Opportunities All Within 3 Months

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Manifestation is something I truly believe in. I want to be able to tell you my experience on manifestation and how I believe in such power. I know there are critics out there that don’t believe in this type of stuff. That’s okay. This is for the people who believe in something much higher than themselves. Before I get started in telling my story, thank you for taking the time to read.

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I am thankful for every one of you who come and visit this blog. A simple travel and lifestyle blog that I am truly happy knowing that there are people from all over the world in more than 91 countries that have visited.

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Let’s get started.

This is my manifestation story on how I managed to receive a job offer, a new home and travel opportunities all within 3 months.

Here is my background story of where I was at the time before I manifested my blessings.

It’s time to get real. Really real. I was or never was this always positive and happy person who believed that good things will come my way. I am not always positive but I strive to be. In fact, I had a lot of deep wounded issues inside that I’ve ran away from for a very long time. I constantly fought to be happy and to find myself to be okay. More like being okay that I have this type of heart and sensitivity that can and has been taken advantaged of in both relationships and friendships.

I did play a victim for a while thinking that these people who have hurt me were evil and sought to do wrong. I’ve learned that the more I didn’t forgive myself, the more I will be lost in that toxic cycle of victimization.

The saying people will treat you the way you want to be treated goes beyond than treating people kindly. People will treat you the way you will allow them to treat you.

It was time for me after a couple of disappointments from people and being tired of just being tired, I finally took a stance. I wasn’t in a healthy and happy relationship. I wasn’t happy living in the apartment I shared with my roommate at the time in Miami. The people around me also had low vibration energy because my energy was also low. I was constantly fighting in my living space. I was avoiding the people around me. If they seemed off to me whether the way they talked to me or mistreated me, I avoided them. I didn’t confront them because I hated confrontation. I let the energy sizz until the bubble bursts on both sides. I wasn’t aware or conscious about my energy or how I truly was feeling. I ended up moving out from Miami because of many reasons. I didn’t feel at home. I hated living with my roommate. I also hated and despised my work there. What other reason was to stay?

So I moved in with my ex. Another mistake.

I didn’t have a job when I moved in with my ex so there was no income from me. I was still paying for an apartment in Miami I was no longer living in. I sold everything. I also didn’t prep myself living with a boyfriend. It was my first time living with a guy that weren’t my brothers. So yeah- that wasn’t easy. The worse part:

Our relationship was toxic and abusive.

Into a year living together, I was at the point of decision making: either move out and lose pretty much everything or stay in this toxic draining abusive relationship that I’ve been ignoring to do since a year previously. Again, I was going to end up back living with my mom who was selling her house at the time. Great timing right? I ended up back at square one. At her place, no bed, no space, no furniture, no relationship, and a bit of shame.

It was just about two years ago I thought I made it. Moving to a new state, new relationship and new opportunities, a new job. In which I ended up hating all and losing it all.

So what did I end up doing? I ended up making a decision to hustle and work my ass off to be a better me. I was at a high before, I know I was able to get back up. I changed my whole outlook and this is where manifestation came into my life.

My manifestation story begins where I ended up with nothing.

With no space of my own and with faith, I started to journal. I always journaled even when I was in Miami and in college. However, I decided to change the way I journaled. I didn’t want to complain anymore. I didn’t want to always write down the negativity. Instead I wanted to make my journal filled with being grateful and having faith that good things will come. I began to write down what I truly wanted.

Spiritually: Being happy. Having abundance of happiness. Being not only healthy physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Career: I wasn’t enjoying my job at the time because I got to the point that I was becoming frustrated and unappreciated and overwhelmed. I wanted to grow even more and do something I am more connected with and I wanted two things. I wanted to travel and work from home. I began my blog in August hoping that one day this will eventually let me work anywhere and wherever I want. I pinpointed that I wanted to really be at the point in my life that I will get to travel and work from home and have that flexibility.

Living space: Since I moved out from my ex’s place, I didn’t even have my own bed. This was part of the shame I collected. This 24 year old had her own space, bed and furniture in Miami and had sold it to move into a home that wasn’t even mine. To then being back at my mom’s house with nothing. This was something I wrote down in my journal. I wrote down that I will have my own bed, my own space, and be finally at peace living in my home. That was truly important to me. I felt like I was running and packing up and moving constantly. I never lived in a home where it was peaceful. So I wrote it down: finally live in peace.

Other: Other things I wrote down were connected to my blog which I don’t want to necessarily expose because I am still working on it. However, I will share that I wrote down goals for my blog, my social media platforms and my future on them.

The steps I did to manifest my new job, a new home and new travel opportunities

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  1. Journal

Not only did I journal and change the way I journaled, I did it every single day right when I woke up. I would wake up and have a routine set up. I decided to not check my social media first thing in the morning and replace it with healthier and positive habits. I took the time to write down what I’m grateful for and write things I haven’t had yet but will have. I will have a bed, my own space, a happy and peaceful living area. I am grateful that I can work from home and travel to new places…etc.

2. Meditation

Once I spent about 15 minutes journaling, I then took the time to implement meditation into my morning routine right after it. I would take my yoga mat and lay it right down on the floor. I’d sit on it and put on a 10 minute timer. I’d sit in silence. At first I’d focused on my thoughts. I had so many racing in my mind. However, I wouldn’t ignore them. I’d acknowledge them. Then I would let them pass by and then refocus on my breathing. I would repeat this until I had noticed my thoughts weren’t consuming my mind. Then the most important part of meditation was visualizing what I wanted. I’d visualize with my eyes closed having a room, having a bed, having a home, traveling to new places, and working from home. I can feel the emotions of having what I desired. Afterwards, I’d feel so grateful and bliss. I continued to do it every since day.

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3. Yoga

After meditation, I would then transition into doing yoga. I would spend less than 30 minutes doing yoga. It wouldn’t be much but approximately 10-15 minutes. It’s not much but over the week, I focus more on moving around and not intense heavy exercise.

The reason why I believe moving your body around is essential is because it’s truly healthy for your mind. It helps clear and release negative thoughts and emotions. This is important for manifesting your desires.

4. Action

The last part will be taking action. One can visualize and meditate all day but if there is no action, there is no actual outcome. The actions I did to manifest a new job, home, and travel opportunities were applying to new positions, working two jobs, saving money from every paycheck and looking at new travel locations.

I remember applying to a new position that came straight to my inbox and had the encouragement from my own previous boss to apply. And I did.

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The Results

It happened quite quickly. I got an interview within a week. It was one of the easiest and most comfortable interviews I ever had. Then I got offered the job in a week. I started it in about a week and a half later and still worked my other job a few hours till it was time for me to move on from it.

Now, I am able to work sometimes from home on days that I can. There are days I can travel to new locations which is part of manifesting travel opportunities. In just a short time, I was helping my family look at new homes on the market, and signed my first homeowner documents. Then moved within a week to our new home. Then on the weekend, I went out and bought new furniture and a bed for my own new room.

It happened all so fast. I couldn’t believe that after writing down for months what I wanted, I received it. I look back and realize that all of these behaviors aligned to what I was trying to manifest. As for travel opportunities, I saved money. I wrote, visualized and spoke into existence where I wanted to go for travel opportunities.

  • August I went to Miami, Florida.

  • October I went to Montreal, Canada.

  • December, I traveled to Memphis, Tennessee.

  • February I went to San Antonio, Texas.

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Hopefully soon my next place is around the corner!

One must not only have faith and actually speak into existence what their heart desires, but as well as take action. Put work into what you want and the universe will work with you. Have the energy that you want to have and align it with what you want. Everything is energy and you are able to do it.

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There you have it, this is my manifestation story on how I received a new job, home and travel all within 3 months. I believe anyone is able to manifest what they want. You have to believe and feel the emotions of having what you want. If I am able to do it, you can too. It will take time, it took 3 months for me. There are other things that can take longer. The universe will work with you if you let it. If you have questions, send me a message on Instagram.

Let me know below in the comments, what do you wish to manifest?