How Quitting Social Media For a Week Helped Me Meet A Famous World Artist, Earned Extra Income and Become Happier

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I decided to take a week off from social media. No Instagram. I do not own a Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter really. The social media platform I mostly use is Instagram and mostly for this blog. Ever since I started to blog in August, I spent a lot more time on Instagram. I tried to at least change my habit of not checking it first thing in the morning. However, I started to detract. In the past two months, I saw myself becoming glued to the Instagram and YouTube. Then it became Netflix. I was realizing I am wasting time into these different time wasters that weren’t helping my blog or mental space.

I decided that I want to eliminate social media from my life for a week. Granted, I don’t necessarily own any other accounts so it would be a lot more easier for me than others. However, Instagram, Netflix and YouTube are platforms where you can easily waste up to four hours watching anything and everything. I found myself watching YouTubers, Instagrammers and consuming way too much. I found myself starting to compare.

As a travel and lifestyle blogger who blogs about travel, self care and self love, how could I be comparing myself to these people online? Well it happened and I noticed I have to take back my power and erase my insecurity. That’s when I thought about quitting social media, Netflix and limiting YouTube time to a drastic 1 hour a day. What happened to me during that week? Well let’s find out.

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Now let’s get into how quitting social media for a week helped me meet a famous world artist, earn extra income and became a lot more happier.

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Sunday was when I started to first eliminate social media. I must say, I posted my new blog post of My Manifestation Story so that viewers can check out the post. However, after that I logged out and deleted the app from my phone. I didn’t have any social media platform to use. What happened? Well I discovered I have a LOT of time in my hands. I went out from my home and did something different. I went to to the library, brought my book and laptop and worked on my blog there. I journaled and read a lot of chapters. I was at the library for over two hours and felt really productive getting things done. I went back home, decided to clean my room and eliminate things I don’t need anymore.

  • I cleaned my closet

  • Went through my clothes and decided to donate them

  • Cook for tomorrow’s work lunch

  • Went grocery shopping

Then I got ready for bed and prepped for tomorrow. I could say this was a productive Sunday. I utilized the extra time that I would have spent on Netflix, YouTube and Instagram into things that would help me.


I got ready for work. Decided to do my usual morning routine.

  1. Wake up at 5:45am

  2. Journal for 15 minutes

  3. Meditate for 20 minutes

  4. Get ready for work

  5. Eat breakfast

  6. Head to work

Throughout the day, I noticed I had so much time to do things. I even found myself glancing to my phone to see if I needed to check something and I didn’t. I didn’t have anything to really check. No social notifications (text messages don’t count). I realized on some days I would go on my phone during work and scroll through social media. Not good I know. However, I got to realize that there is so much more in the present moment. Talking with coworkers, laughing with coworkers and my students. Realizing that I do have time to do certain tasks and actually do them. After work, I went home and worked on my blog. I also found myself reading one of books and reflecting on who isn’t serving a purpose in my life anymore. I made decisions and changes. I started to think about my future.


I woke up per usual and did my morning routine. For work, I had this energy to get stuff done. This day was weird because I felt like I was in this transitional phase. It was also the last day of Spring. I believe in the end of things and the beginning of chapters and felt like my spirit trying to let go of things that no longer served a purpose in my life. I didn’t feel the need to check my social media. Instead, I found myself journaling away. I journaled a lot throughout the day and used meditation. This day I felt this type of energy coming over me to just be me. Be free. Be empowered.

I found myself just letting things go and getting ready for the next chapter in my life.


First day of Spring. This meant the beginning of a new chapter. This day I was ready to get ready as usual.

  1. Wake up early

  2. Meditate

  3. Journal

  4. Listen to motivational videos

  5. Eat breakfast

  6. Get ready for work

As I went through my day, I focused a lot on my blog. Ideas, putting in work, scheduling Pinterest, working on graphics. I spent a lot of this day on really putting work into my blog as a business. I also wanted to do something different for once. Guess what I did?

I decided to go meet new people by myself. I wanted to take my own advice and grow from my comfort zone. I learned about this meeting where you can just come by in a public space downtown in the city and meet people. I took my journal, book and went to meet people. Let me tell you the truth: it was weird. I don’t at all do this. I met people I would never hang out with. I used my voice and spoke up if I didn’t want to tolerate something and I felt empowered. It wasn’t ideally what I though it would be. I ended up leaving a bit earlier than I thought but I’m glad I went out of my comfort zone and tried something new.


This was a life changing day. I went to work as usual, however for work I went to this new location and participate in this summit. I am so glad I went. I ended up coming across this famous talented artist named Olivia Nguyen aka fiyab0mb. Her story was remarkable and inspirational. She spoke to the audience about her story and how she gave up her unhappy life working at the nail salon to chasing her dreams. She explained her struggles and her failures but how they transpired into her success. She now had her paintings bought by Big Sean, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, 50 cent, Spike Lee and more. I absolutely loved hearing her story and I got motivated to continue what I’m doing on this blog. Afterwards, I was lucky enough to speak with her one on one walking over to another building and hearing her advice and genuine self. Here is a photo of us we took with her below.

how to quit social media, how quitting social media helped me meet a famous artist, earn money and become happier, quitting social media, how to quit, meeting fiyabomb, meeting olivia nguyen.jpeg

I truly believe everything happens for a reason and we come across people for a reason. I still didn’t go on any social media platforms. Instead, I went home that day and poured all my inspiration into my blog.


It’s Friday! Everything was going normal per usual until I got sick and left work early. However, it was a sign. I felt like I needed to listen to my body and eat less meat and more natural food. Fruits and vegetables. I wanted my insides to match my outside. I took charge in working on my health from the inside. I googled healthier recipes to cook for the next week. I wanted to be more conscious on the food I was consuming. I spent the day, doing my laundry, focusing entirely on my blog and letting go energetically any negative emotions I was harboring. I was feeling a lot more happier. I was reflecting on how I went by a whole week without checking my social media platform. I realized that there is so much more than consuming media. I can actually take charge of how I am feeling, what I can consume and have faith that where I am is where I am supposed to be.


I woke up early and headed off to Boston. I signed myself up to go visit a pretty popular university out there because I was inspired to go back to school again and get my Masters. As I have arrived to the Grad Open House, I was learning more about the program of interest and school. I had this confidence come over me. I eliminated a lot of my time of social media and invested in myself. I talked to grads, I asked questions, I felt the need to continue to better myself. If I felt awkward, I didn’t go straight to my phone. I became aware of my surroundings and others. Afterwards, I decided to manifest extra income while in Boston. I ended up receiving $95. It wasn’t a lot but I was able to manifest that into my life.


A whole week without social media. Sunday was my relaxing day. I went to clean, run errands, meditate, journal, read, work endlessly on the blog and research more into other schools and programs. I even snuck in a beautiful nap. I worked hard and I needed to rest. I went back on social media and realized I lost a lot of followers. I had a decrease spike on my blog and even Pinterest. However, that didn’t affect me as I thought because I gained a lot more. My time away, I gained an increase of motivation, determination, creativity and confidence. I even felt an increase of happiness and even more of a clearer path and mission of my life purpose. I am ready to start my week off even more ready and confident.

As I reflect back on this week, I realized that there are changes necessary in life. We are supposed to let go and detach. Our life is in our hands. Sometimes we consume way too much nowadays that we can get lost in the rabbit hole and end up back in another rabbit hole not knowing how to get out. As I am learning more and more about myself, I am happy that I was able to be self disciplined. I was able to meet a famous entrepreneurial artist who was so inspirational. I was able to have time to earn extra income and even feel a lot more confident and happier. As I return to my daily routine, I am being more conscious of where my time is going and who I am interacting with. It is important to really take charge of my own life and become the CEO of who and what I allow into it.

Take charge of you. Quit social media for at least a day for a start. Go cold turkey. It’s okay, be free.

Watch more in depth my quitting cold turkey story, click on the video below.

There you have it. This is my story on how I quit social media for a week helped me meet a famous world artist, earn extra income and became more happier and confident.

Let me know below would you quit social media or have you already did so before and how did that make you feel?

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