5 Self Improvement and Empowering Books to Read This Year

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This year I have read about 9 books thus far. I am so grateful that I have the time to read and make it as a priority. I am all about self empowering and self improving every day. A part of that is taking the time to read and educate myself on how to get better. Whatever I am going through, I find a book to relate during that time. If I am feeling the need to learn more about romance, I pick up a book about love. If I am going through tough life decisions, I’ll find a book to help me stay positive. Whatever the event, there is a book out there for anything. That is the wonderful thing about books and reading.

As we are more than three months into 2019, I want to share you the books I recommend this year for self improvement and empowering books for anyone. You can pin this tab as for reference! Let’s get into sharing the 5 top self improvement and empowering books to read this year and if you’re feeling determined. Maybe read them all within this month!

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Whether you want to buy the book or rent them, here are books I really recommend for you and why I think they are good for you.

  1. Be Happy By Dr. Rebecca Ray

    This book filled me up in the morning with positivity and good energy. When you wake up there could be a lot of thoughts in your mind that just eats away your morning. Dr. Rebecca Ray tells you practical ways on how to do daily habits in the morning and throughout the day. She provides powerful and practical tools and how you do certain things. You can’t always be happy and positive, but she gives you these tools that you can use everyday. You will focus on the joys in life and you’ll eliminate that negative self talk. Be ready to thrive and read this book!

2. Morning Affirmations by Jennifer Williamson

This one is another morning book, although you can read it anywhere and anytime. There is nothing more grounding than reading and speaking about positive and healthy affirmations first thing in the morning. I read every morning an affirmation or a couple and say them out loud. This sets your day for an intentional and grateful tone. I am so happy I got to read her book and it helped me become more empowered and optimistic in the morning. Start your day right and intentional, go grab her book!

3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

On the opposite of the spectrum of “being positive all the time,” here is the Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck. Mark goes completely blunt and doesn’t sugarcoat the truth about letting things go in order to really live your truthful life in a “positive but shit happens” way. He talks about facing our fears, going through tough and difficult times, being winners and losers to finally come out happy. This is a really good book that even had me tear up in the end. He adds his life experience and makes you open your eyes in a different perspective. There is a lot to give a fuck about but he’ll guide you in letting shit go and focus on the stuff that does matter.

4. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have to talk about this! This is one of my all time favorite books and I absolutely enjoy this book. Elizabeth talks about her journey of fighting against what she was supposed to do. She had a husband and she was living this white picket fence. However she hated it. She wasn’t happy and she wanted to find herself. She lets go of her “supposed to be life” and goes on her self discovery journey traveling to different countries; Italy, India and Indonesia. The way she writes is absolutely intriguing. She captures the readers attention by having you visualize where she travels to, her language and even falling in love. Pick up her book. You will want to go somewhere new and learn about yourself.

5. The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff

This book is for those who are highly sensitive people who need tools in how to survive in this broken world. There are many of us who overloaded and exhausted by being near certain people in our lives. Learn the tools and methods in order for you to navigate relationships. Learn how you can strengthen your intuition and really find your purpose. This book helped me realize that I am not alone. Yes I am highly sensitive but it’s okay. I just have to learn the tools in order for me to really navigate successfully and protectively in this world. Pick up this book if you are empathetic and need strategies to get through this life.

Well there you have it. Those are the five books I recommend for self improvement and empowerment. Whatever the situation, there are many books out there to help you. These are the books I’ve read that I truly enjoyed. My favorite of them all will always be Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert because of how relatable it is in my life. Travel, love, self discovery, life is a journey.

If you have any books to recommend, let me know in the comments below which are your favorite self improvement and empowerment books to read?

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