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Did you ever imagine how can people travel so much and for a living? Before I started to travel, I never thought I’d even visit different countries, cities and meet new people. For the past four years, I had the privilege to explore new locations I would have never thought of visiting like Iceland and Colombia. Now, I make it a mission in my life to explore a new place every month. It’s become a second nature to me. Today, there are so many people making it a living and traveling the world. I always thought about how can people do that for a living? Even if it’s not for a living, how do people travel more than the average person? This is where I wanted to reach out to others and get an insight for you. I had the honor of being able to connect and interview two lovely travelers Brinda and Anunay. Check out both of Brinda and Anunay’s Instagram for their lovely pictures.

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Before I get into the interview, learn about how these beautiful travelers travel the world. They are truly busy and that is why I was fortunate enough to be able to talk to them and get an insight of how these travel so much. About two years ago I remember reaching out to someone on Instagram, wondering how do they travel so much for a living? I know I’m not the only one who thought about it. As usual, they replied, “look online there’s so many resources to learn from!” In that case, no there wasn’t. It’s not that easy. It just seems that many people don’t want to share their story about traveling and how they do it. I’m not sure why. Maybe some people are way too busy, or they don’t really want to share their secrets. Maybe some people have services you have to pay for so they can get you in on that secret. I for one, created this blog so that others can know more about how I travel as well as learn about self care, self love and lifestyle topics. People ask me a lot how do I travel? Well, I will share my story. However, my story isn’t the only one you can learn from. I want to be able to share and connect with you about many others stories on their travel journeys.

Let’s get into how these two awesome travelers travel the world even with a full time job!

Let’s get into the interview!

What are your names?

Brinda and Anunay :)

What is your current occupation?

I work in Supply Chain at GSK and Anunay works as a Marketing Specialist. Along with our regular 9-5 jobs, we do a number of freelance projects till our plates are full. Oh, we do all this in Dubai.

Where are you now located?

In Dubai, where we plan to stay put for a while.

How did you first travel? What were your first thoughts on traveling? How is it now?

Always being fond of the mountains, I chose to study in Shimla, where I went to with a hope to travel and explore the mountains I had always waited to do. Traveling was never a tradition where I studied, and only after 2 years of trying to find people who wanted to go away, and giving up on the social norms in my university, I planned to go for a trek with a random group of people I was able to gather with a friend.

I had never traveled without my family, I didn’t know what it entailed, I had modest money. Those 3 days in the mountains, were only the first of many memories I made, many lessons I learned. You only get smarter with every journey you decide to take. Traveling for me now is more about being where I want to be when I want to be. It’s about exploring new cultures, new places, being closer and on the mountains more, just like it was before.

How do you afford to travel?

Our jobs drive our savings, our hard work expands those savings. Paycheck hard vacation harder is our motto ;)

What are your outcomes of traveling? What have you gained from traveling to different places? What have you lost from traveling?

It's refreshing and schooling; its a feeling of completeness we fail to describe when we’re asked this question and choose to answer with a smile because that’s what happens when we travel :’)

We have gained experience, knowledge of ourselves and how and who we are, meaningful relationships, skills we never knew we had, perspective and more mountains, which is honestly what we care about the most!

Which place was the one that changed your outlook on traveling and why?

Spiti, always Spiti. Small towns nestled between the Himalayas, a cold desert high up in altitude, Tibetan influence with Himalayan customs, Spiti taught us to be responsible travelers and leave only footprints behind. You’ll always be tourists, even in cities where you consider yourself belonged.

What do you recommend to others on trying to travel as full-timers?

We aren’t full-time travelers; full-time storytellers, maybe. No recommendations here, only questions we have always sought answers for. We're also strong believers that you don't need to quit your job to travel!

What is your advice for those who are looking to travel as their full-time job or more as a hobby?

Read our blog ;)

You don’t need to quit your job to travel the world, that’s what we’re aiming to create a culture around. Traveling full-time had been our aim for the longest time, only to realize that we can be different and set a more sustainable trend.

Travel for your fulfillment, not for social media ;)

Any comments or anything you’d want to say? Or tell as part of your story?

There might be times when something you want isn’t happening, a trip you’ve been planning for forever isn't happening. Being patient is the best advice you’ll ever read. If you want something for long enough, the energy you put into thinking about it will eventually make it happen. The destination will always be there, so will your desire. Wait, want and let happen #LiveandLetTravel

That concludes the interview with Brinda and Anunay. What a life! If they can travel, you can too! They explain that even if you have a job, a 9-5 even, you can still find ways to travel around with a busy life. What I took is that you can make it work if you prioritize and work around your busy schedule. Look at your vacation days, schedule your travel departure and return. Also SAVE SAVE SAVE!

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