How Healing Yourself Will Help Heal The World

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There are events in our lives that happen to us and it could either break us or make us. For many of us, we have a lot of growth to do. I am strongly a believer that you have to heal yourself before you can love fully and authentically. This past year, I have learned many lessons and it’s truly beautiful that I am fortunate enough to have learned them at this stage in my life.

I have been on this journey of healing myself. I want to be able to share my story that will hopefully inspire others to take a look inside themselves and start their healing journey.

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When I first started this self love journey, I quickly found out that it won’t take a month. This self love journey requires healing from pain in the past and wounds that you probably didn’t even know they were there for years. Part of the self love journey requires to be vulnerable and to really look deep inside yourself. This journey is important and necessary to be able to become our higher selves.

How does healing start?

Healing usually starts when you go through something very traumatic and painful. Healing can even begin when it triggers unhealed wounds within yourself. You become triggered to look within yourself and face the pain that you have tried to conceal for so long. This is your calling. You are meant to look within and heal these parts inside of you that needed and required unrequited love.

What does it take to heal?

Healing yourself takes strength, forgiveness, patience and unconditional love. It’s important to pour all the love into yourself. Loving yourself is enjoying going out with friends who are kind. Loving yourself is taking the day off to emotionally heal when you are in need of it. Loving yourself is saying no. It takes strength to overcome the pain and to overcome the bumps along the way as well. It takes forgiveness to forgive yourself and the hate that you’ve developed inside. It also takes forgiveness to heal yourself from the lack of boundaries you demonstrated. It also takes a lot of patience to be okay with knowing that this journey is a long one and it’s going to take a while to heal every part of you.

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How the road to self journey will look like

I am not saying that this journey is easy. It is very far from it. There are days where you will be confused and unsure of every decision in your life. There will be days where you feel inspired, motivated and then the complete opposite. There will be relationships fading away and no longer apart of your life. There will also be people entering your life as well for the same reason. They all are there to teach you a lesson. Your job is to acknowledge them and let it be. Do not force, do not hold on and do not fear. Everything is exactly happening the way it should be. You will cry, get angry, feel confused and question if there is any hope. This is all common and normal. I am here to assure you that this is all part of the plan. The higher divine plan.

Why this is all so important to heal yourself

Once we reached that point that we are supposed to heal, we do not notice that we are actually healing those around us and making this world a better place. Michael Jackson said it best.

If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change.

Yes I just quoted from the King himself. THIS IS SO TRUE. I’m going to tell you why.

Once we heal ourselves, we are healing our own pain and we become a better, healthier and BEST version of ourselves. We become this person that is filled with love and a higher conscious. We are more likely to give back to the world and pass on pure authentic love. If we begin to heal every part of ourselves, we begin this ripple effect. We affect those around us and those who we come in contact with. The people that we talk to or interact with will be affected by our loving and positive energy. I am truly a big believer that the energy that we give out, we get back. Our energy affects others. If you are putting out negative energy, you are passing and spreading that energy. Once we are fully healing ourselves with love and pain, we are going to be more aware of ourselves and what we hold and value. The pain that we heal won’t be there anymore. Therefore, we will be more likely to give love to others authentically. Love is what this world needs. We need more of your love. So begin healing yourself. This journey is more of a service for others. We are here to make a great impact and heal. We must first choose to heal ourselves. That is where our job is. That is where our calling is. The next generation will be affected and will be thankful for us.

Imagine a world filled with healers. We have made it a mission to heal ourselves so that the people we interact with can be affected in a loving way. We are healers. We are love.

Let me know in the comments below, are you ready to being your healing journey? What are your thoughts about healing yourself?