How To Travel Around The World As A Couple - From A Traveling Couple! Interview Collaboration

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Have you ever wondered how people travel the world so much? ME too! Although my family, friends and people around me ask me how I travel so much, I respond saying there are people who travel more than me! The way I travel is different from how others travel. There are people who travel for work, for leisure and to also live. I travel to live, not necessarily for work or leisure although I do have to do some trips for those. This time, I want to share with you how this couple travels the world and how you can possibly take something from this.

I had the opportunity to interview this couple, Anurag and Chandni about what they do for work and how they travel so much. They travel all around the world and they do it in their daily lives.

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I was fortunate enough to be able to interview this couple. They are so busy traveling! When I first reached out to them, they were getting ready to travel. See how busy they are! Now as I spoke with them and learned more about their lives and their pictures, they have a beautiful and strong relationship. This couple travels around the world and when you travel either by yourself or with someone- one thing is for sure. You are learning in the process and ultimately are growing. I can go on forever about them but see for yourself! Don’t forget to check them out and follow them on Instagram if you haven’t yet. Click here!

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  1. What are your names and where are you from?

We are a couple from Delhi, India. Anurag Vinayak and Chandni Vinyak. We have recently started our travel blogging, we love to travel to new places and explore new places their cultures and enlighten others with the same.

2. What do you do for work?

Anurag is a second officer in the Merchant Navy, he travels around the world to work with which he gets to visit new places and explore their culture and meet new people. Chandni is a French teacher teaching middle and high school students. She also loves to travel and learn a new language which she has got to learn about another a completely different language and their culture making her want to explore new places and meet new people.

3. Where are you located now if traveling or are planning to travel?

For now Anurag is sailing and is currently in Thunder Bay, Canada and Chandni is waiting to join him on the ship and sail with him and see his world of work and visit new places and spend time with him.



4. What made you interested in traveling in the first place? How long have you been traveling now?

For Anurag it came with his profession which gave him an opportunity to explore new places because of work and his interest in photography made him click and capture these moments and add them to his bag full of memories and after he met Chandni who had visited a few places and with her interest in travelling too. Both plan to get together and start blogging.

5. How was your life different during the time you didn’t travel to now?

When back in Delhi,one can always explore their own city and visit places in and around the city, there is always time to travel.

6. How do you make traveling your full time job? If not full time, so frequently?

Thanks to his profession it's always easy. He is travelling half the time of the year and the rest he spends time at home with his family, visiting new places and making new memories.

7. What’s your advice to people who want to travel more than a hobby?

To travel is to live, when sitting at work waiting for a break and do something different, travelling is the best thing to do. Just look for a place around, pack your bags, maybe read our blogs at Read a little about the place and then let the place and its people take you around. Don't stop exploring!

8. What are your tips and tricks for those who want to take that leap of faith to travel to a new location?

When planning a trip, make sure you pack light and feel free to shop at different places. Use a map, book a hotel in advance, read about it on different websites like and research on the best cafes around. Take the road instead if it's not too far for your own comfort space and the freedom to travel anywhere you want at your destination.



9. What’s the one place you have traveled to that changed your whole perspective in life?

Even though Anurag has been travelling for the past 8 years and has visited many places leaving a mark on his mind and wanting him to explore and travel more. But recently a visit to Maldives as a couple, a lot changed for us in terms of seeing life.There we were at an island called the Paradise Island, where we stayed for more five days. That island in itself is enough to explore there is water all around with the resort helping you do so many activities let it be water sports or feeding the sharks. Wherein we came to realise the importance of nature and its beauty and how short life is to explore and capture its beauty in our eyes.

And also made us fall for each other more with the time we had for each other, away from the world amidst nature. Every couple should plan a trip to Maldives to feel the love between each other and the nature! Ever since then we planned on travel blogging and since then there is no looking back.

10. Is there anything you want to add to your story? Or tell others?

We are a couple. We love to travel and explore the world. We are welcome to any further comments and reviews. Keep loving.



Well there you have it. We are fortunate to have had this couple take time out of their day to collaborate in this interview. I hope you were able to learn something from it. Whether you want to travel alone or as a couple, there are ways! This is just another story to get insight on how other people travel. If you want to learn how another couple travels, make sure you check out Brinda and Anunay’s story as well. Don’t forget to check Anurag and Chandni’s Instagram here!

Let me know in the comments below, where do you want to travel?