How To Stop Comparing Yourself On Social Media

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Without a doubt, I have compared myself online. Who hasn’t? Nowadays, it’s easy to get in that comparison mode and find yourself in a insecure rabbit hole. At this stage in your life, you have to become more conscious and aware of your own feelings and the amount of content you consume. It has become a wonderful and awakening journey taking back my own power. Now I want to help others like you do the same. Back then it felt like it was easier to be aware of when you wanted to disconnect and step away from the television or media. The television was in the living room and not everyone had a computer in the house let alone smartphones. Now, 90% of households in the USA has access to the internet or the media through computers, phones, television, tablets and or laptop. In this modern age, we wake up and are so used to checking our phones before even getting up and looking outside. It is so unhealthy for our mindset and lifestyle. We can spend so much time on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat comparing ourselves. It’s important more than ever to take back our power and to stop comparing ourselves on social media.

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You have to become more than ever aware of what you allow into your mind, body and soul. This past year I have been conscious about my media consumption and how I feel after being on it. Have you been doing the same? Here are some tips you can use to stop comparing yourself on social media. It’s time to start living and be YOU. Now, let’s get into the tips.

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  1. Wake up with your phone away from your bed

    First things first, start placing your phone away from your bed. There is this sense of empowerment that you have for not checking your phone. You are practicing being mindful and being in control. Once you are in the habit of leaving your phone away from you, you will see how easy it is to cut that cord between habit and mind.

2. Replace who you follow with positive people/influencers

This took me a while to just unfollow people I knew personally but it had to be done. I also don’t feel bad about it. If someone is being negative, condescending or just not supporting, you don’t have to follow them. Unfollowing people should’t feel like the end of the world as well. If people are taking social media that seriously and feel offended then they shouldn’t be allowed in your life in the first place. You should follow people who are positive, share the same core values, inspiring and are supportive. If they aren’t, that unfollow button isn’t hard to press. Then, start finding people who are positive and inspiring influencers/people/pages. I follow so many spiritual pages that are aligned to what I believe and they post really positive and genuine posts, it makes me feel good inside. You can do the same!

3. Raise your self esteem

It is crucial to work on your confidence. Everyday make time where you invest in yourself. Whether you start saying affirmations to yourself in the mirror, meditate, exercise or just practice self acceptance, start doing small changes. It’s all about the small changes that will contribute to raising your self esteem. When you are checking on social media with a low self esteem, you will be affected a lot more than a person who has a strong sense of self confidence. You are more prone to comparing yourself and wondering why you lack in certain places in life. Start practicing doing small changes in your life to help raise your self esteem.

4. Disconnect online and connect in real life

There is so much more to life and living in the present moment. Disconnect from the fantasy world (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and connect with people in REAL life. There is more of a chance to connect and empathize with others. There is nothing like human interaction and catching up face to face. You can sense if someone is truly happy or going through something. There’s this thing called energy and emotions and you can’t sense that through a screen. Disconnect from online and connect in real life to others. You’ll find yourself feeling more connected with others and not comparing your life to theirs. You’ll feel a lot different and in a good way. So disconnect and connect!

5. Realize the grass is greener on the other side because it’s fake

You need to remember that everything on the internet and on social media isn’t as it appears. I’m sure you heard it already so this is a REMINDER. Everyone posts their highlights online and not their worse moments. So if you are online looking at someone’s social media page and it looks like rainbows, unicorns and sunshine, being all perfect, well it’s not. It’s not real and you need to work on your own grass getting green.

There you have it. Here are five ways you can stop comparing yourself on social media. Today, it really is easy to compare your life and feel like you are mediocre or haven’t accomplished anything. We are all busy with our lives and when we post, we want to showcase our good parts. Don’t forget that online isn’t real and being real on the inside and in real life is also important. Work on yourself and these tips can help you stop comparing.

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