My Memphis And Mississippi Trip | Vlog

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Summer is almost here! I am excited to be already traveling this past year to different cities and even new countries. This past weekend, I was able to visit my best friend and her family in Memphis, Tennessee! While there, I filmed her daughters 2nd birthday party which I can’t believe she’s already two years old! While there, I got to film the couple of days of my Memphis trip.

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This was a long weekend because of Memorial Day. My flight was in the morning and I headed into Boston to fly out to go into North Charlotte and then Memphis. I flew American Airlines and for the first time, I sat ALMOST business class. Literally I was behind one row, sitting Main Cabin Extra. This was a nice experience since I never sat so close and also got off the airplane so quickly. Once I arrived to Memphis in the afternoon, my best friend got picked me. We headed to the stores like Target to get decorations and items for Leah’s birthday party.

Afterwards, we went to her home and spent time together catching up! Check out the video below for what Saturday’s journey looked like.


It was Leah’s 2nd birthday party! It was so exciting to celebrate it with Erna’s daughter Leah and the family. Leah had a bouncy house, food and even a homemade Trolls birthday cake that Erna made HERSELF! Talk about skills. I tried helping and totally failed cutting it and even burnt chocolate. I left it to Erna to complete the masterpiece!

Leah had her best friend come over and other friends. She was spending time with them, opening up gifts, dancing and enjoying herself. It was such a nice party and we made memories forever! Afterwards, we went to go see Erna’s immigration lawyer. Then after that, we went to Mississippi! I have never been to Mississippi and it was so interesting! We got to see Sardis dam and enjoy the lake! It was definitely country which is the complete opposite from the city and from where I’m from!

We headed back to Tennessee and on the way there, we passed a truck filled with pigs and that definitely shocked me! Again, I’m from the city!


This was my last day and it was also Memorial Day! The day was beautiful and we got to tan in the sun. Afterwards, we went to go shower, take a nap (MY FAVORITE THING TO DO) and then head to pick up Erna’s car. Then went to the mall and got some food!

It was such a nice time being able to spend time with my best friend this past weekend and be able to celebrate Leah’s 2nd birthday!

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