45 Things To Do To Avoid Burnout As A Millennial

Getting burned out in life is easy nowadays with so much to do in our lives. It’s almost nearly impossible to live a stress free life if you’re always on the go especially if you have children, one or two jobs, household, school and family responsibilities. However, it’s important to notice if you are becoming imbalanced and becoming burnt out. It’s necessary for you take a break. I finally took a break from work, the blog, channel and responsibilities and just did nothing. I was getting burnout especially being on hustle mode for a year. I didn’t stop to catch a breath. After over a week off, I want to share with you some ways on how to avoid getting burnt out so you can come back even more stronger.

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Today, being a millennial is seen as something so atrocious and a joke. Older generations make fun of millennials as if we are lazy, entitled and that we only spend money on avocado toasts. Well, I have never tried avocado toast, work two jobs, tried negotiating for all of my positions and couldn’t get what I am worth, and still trying to pay down debt that I’ve been fortunate to be able to do with extra income. However, it’s still not easy and there are even others who have it way worse (and there are people who have it way worse). When you are trying to juggle adult responsibilities all at once whether school, work, family, bills and just trying to sleep, you can get burnt out. It appears that one must stay busy to feel productive which it isn’t the case. We can run out of energy which can affect our health and mindset. There needs to be steps in place to be able to protect our wellness. There are many things that you can do to slow down and relax. Here is a list of things (in no particular order) to do when you feel you are going to get burnt out. Remember you can save this image on Pinterest and come back to it for reference!

  1. First check with yourself and acknowledge your status. Notice when you are changing moods, unhappy, grumpy, sad, irritable etc. You need to be self aware.

  2. Next block and schedule time at least weekly but preferably (every day) to do something you truly enjoy doing.

  3. Make a cup of tea.

  4. Do your nails.

  5. Get a haircut.

  6. Take a bath.

  7. Listen to relaxing music.

  8. Spend time with friends and or loved ones.

  9. Pet a dog.

  10. Compliment yourself in the mirror.

  11. Compliment a stranger.

  12. Walk barefoot in the grass.

  13. Watch the sunset.

  14. Ask for help on certain tasks (delegate!!)

  15. Eat a healthy snack.

  16. Go for a walk.

  17. Start a garden.

  18. Take an hour nap.

  19. Declutter a space in your home. Then declutter another part of the house.

  20. Say no to things you really don’t want to do.

  21. Take a break even if it’s for 30 minutes.

  22. Write a to do list and get it out from your head.

  23. Organize your week in an electronic calendar or agenda.

  24. Write your thoughts down in a journal.

  25. Talk to a friend.

  26. Call someone you miss.

  27. Call up your phone provider (and other services) and negotiate lowering your bill.

  28. Cancel any subscriptions you don’t really use.

  29. Meal plan your week and stick to buying only those ingredients.

  30. Watch a comedy.

  31. Meditate with a timer.

  32. Say out loud what you are grateful for in life. Start showing gratitude.

  33. Limit your time on social media-if you’re really disciplined, delete an app!

  34. Go to a park and lay down on a blanket.

  35. Take a trip to your local forest.

  36. Take a long drive in silence or blast your music.

  37. Have a good cry (even better with someone).

  38. Shave your legs.

  39. Shave your mustache.

  40. Plan your future in one year, five years and ten.

  41. Visit an animal shelter.

  42. Get a massage.

  43. Plan your months budget for the next month.

  44. Take ten deep breaths.

  45. Remember that you are able to take on everything and anything.

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45 things to do to avoid burnout as a millennial, things to do as a millennial, things to do to avoid burnout.png