I’m Jenny, a sweet and simple travel lifestyle blogger who loves connecting with others from around the world and making a difference.

Let’s get started shall we?

Welcome to SweetSimplyJenny

Welcome to SweetSimplyJenny!

Are you interested in looking at travel places to certain places like San Francisco, California, Iceland or Colombia?

Are you looking to see how you can grow from your comfort zone and put yourself first?

Well you’ve came to the right place. I write about the places I’ve been and hope to inspire others to grow from their comfort zone and see the world.

I started blogging in 2010 while in high school and I was always naturally comfortable in writing and with words. After many years of typing away on the computer, I realized it is something I truly enjoy. That is where my interest of blogging came from.

As for my love for travel?

Besides my mother being a travel agent, I actually never traveled anywhere far until I was older and in college. I took a plane one time to California where I was forced to grow out of my comfort zone and meet so many different types of people from all over the world. I never stopped taking a plane since then. In fact, I try to be on an airplane at least 3 times (since yes I still do work another job) a year to go to visit and explore new places.

Traveling is something that is such a privilege and necessary for one to grow and become a better person. At least for me, whether growing from pain, heartbreak, or to celebrate something like an accomplishment, traveling is the answer.

So come with me, view travel photos to inspire you to visit all while knowing you’re growing into your best version of self.

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